How we got here
The farm house seen from the pond

Vaughn Farm and Orchard has been functioning in one form or another since 1902, last year marking 110 years!

The land was purchased originally by Johann Friderich Ludwig (Lewis) Niedermeyer, near Jacksonville, Oregon. The family cleared the land of chapparel, oaks and buffalo grass and raised sheep, cattle, hogs, small grains and alfalfa. The land has passed through two generations of the family since.

In 1994, Ed Vaughn, a retired Forester/Silviculturist, bored with retirement, and hankering for a 24/7 job, and his wife, Nancy Niedermeyer Vaughn, decided to plant 22 acres of pear trees. After much planning (as is Ed's way), building, and planting, the first true crop of pears was produced in 1998.

Ed's first harvest back in 1998 was meager 16 tons of Bartlett pears and a paltry 4 tons of Comice. Since then, we've gotten a bit better at things and in 2011, the harvest yielded over 189 tons of Bartletts, 84 tons of Comice pears, 62 tons of Packhams Triumph, and 3 tons of Bosc.

With Ed's passing in March of this year, it now falls to his wife, Nancy, and two sons, Mike and Alan, to take up his responsibilities.