Our fruit
What we grow
1200 lbs of fresh Bartlett pears

The fruit is, after all, the main reason to have an orchard. Vaughn Farm and Orchard currently cultivates 5 different pear varieties.

Yellow Bartlett: aromatic, sweet, and juicy. Often enjoyed for fresh eating, but also excellent and used for canning or cooking.

Comice: a sweet and juicy dessert pear complimented well by a sharp cheddar cheese. Typically sent and eaten during the Christmas holidays.

Bosc: a very aromatic and flavorful pear. Their harder flesh (as compared to bartlett and comice) make them ideal for eating, cooking and baking.

Star Crimson: with bright red skin, a short neck and a thick stem, Star Crimson make delicious snack or perfect addition to a salad, or a great colorful accent to any fruit bowl.

Packham's Triumph: often looks like a knobby green bartlett. It's sweet, firm, buttery flesh stores well and can be used in salads, desserts or for baking.