How we do what we do
One of our frost control wind machines

Planting and caring for pear trees is not as simple as it sounds. There is much more to it than the old addage "if you plant it, it will grow". Vaughn Farm and Orchard uses as many organic techniques as possible and uses Integrated Pest Management and the softest chemicals available.

The the cost of labor and equipment keeps us from going totally organic. For example: hoeing the weeds on 11.5 miles of tree rows is out of the question. Other local growers who tried to go totally organic have ended up using harsh chemicals to control codling moth or wound up with ugly fruit full of worms and unsalable. But by using Integrated Pest Management we are able to maintain healthy fruit while using as little chemical pesticides as possible.

Work in the orchard continues all year. The season begins with 'bud burst' in mid February to early March. Late March to mid May is 'frost protection' season (sleepless nights). Bloom is late March to mid April (have to haul the honey bees in). Insect and disease protection, weed control and fertilization go on February thru October. Harvest starts with bartletts the first or second week of August and continues as the varieties ripen thru early October. Then with leaf-fall, pruning starts and goes on into February.